Just Another Day at the Office

Here at Tech on the Rocks I hope to share with you the finer things in life. Sometimes the not so finer things, and most definitely the most annoying things.

As I type up my first post for the site, I realized “Wait!”, how can I have a blog called ‘Tech on the Rocks’ and not be having a drink while I’m completing this?! The answer is simple… I’m at work. The drinks come later, and I’m sure this blog will soon be filled with many pages digitally stained with the smell of whiskey & gin.

But since I’m at work and can’t be drinking, I guess I’ll just fill everybody in on myself!

I’m a lifelong techie, IT guy, and system administrator (sysadmin, for those of you that may not be techies yourself!)

Tech consumes me from every angle, but it’s not my life. Hunting, horseback riding and curling are just a few of the other things I absolutely love as an escape from the three 30″ monitors that surround me every day.

I work in State government, so I definitely have my fare share of dealings with the common “state worker” classification, and once in a while you just have to leave work a bit early on a Friday for a “Safety Meeting’. Outside of my main job, I also own my own business, Dahlin IT Consulting. I mean, really, I do it all day, why not do it after hours and make five times my salary rate?

My girlfriend and dog keep the rest of my spare time occupied, and what little time I have left over during the winter months is spent playing with any new tech I can get my hands on, playing XBOX ,or watching TV & movies. (Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley, Parks & Rec, Community, Doctor Who, and about 16 other shows that I DVR year round and cram into one complete weekend when it’s blizzarding outside in February!)

As the name of the blog may suggest, I do enjoy the occasional adult beverage from time-to-time, but like a fine whiskey, as I age, so does my body. I don’t drink nearly as much as I did in my twenties, but now I drink for quality, not quantity!

This is getting quite lengthy, but I feel like you now have a small understanding of who I am and what I like to do, so with that, I sign off until next time.



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