The good, the bad and the busy.

As you can tell from my lack of posts, much like every other ambitious project that someone starts, sometimes they don’t see their short comings, or forget how busy life can truly be.

As I sit here with a glass of Forty Creek Double Barrel Reserve and ponder my motives and dreams of starting this website/blog/podcast, I began to think about failings, and the lack there of in some retrospect. The site may not have taken off, or even the first podcast recorded, though not for lack of trying, but I make a promise that it is still on my mind with ideas and directions to take everything to the next level.

With my last sip, I sign off with a renewed hope that someday, someday soon, I’ll have some great content and stories for everyone out there.

Until then…



Backups are important. You’re stupid if you don’t believe that.

I recently had a customer get into some nasty CryptoWall issues. For those of you not familiar with CryptoWall or CryptoLocker, just Google the name and you’ll see some pretty good articles about a pretty evil virus that encrypts everything on your network, holds it for ransom, and then basically sticks you with a huge headache.

All I have to say is… if you don’t have good backup procedures in place, with multiple copies of all of your files, spread out over several days, one person can ruin everything for your business… EVERYTHING. – Yeah baby!

Well the waiting finally paid off! Several months ago when this site was given the idea of life, I checked for domain registration of and it was/wasn’t “taken.” It was in pending for renewal, and whomever owned it before has not renewed it, so as of today, is now officially ours!

We look forward to bringing you more content soon!